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Artist statement

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

My life and mission since 2016. Has always been through transformation and discovering the truths. There are things that can't quite be avoided as if it were fate itself drawing me toward it. Portraiture can show many sides of a person, and through my life I've become different types of people. I want people to be able to visually see what they can become. And to witness the deeper meaning behind the image. I believe people need genuine experiences that will make them see were they where "before and now"

In my work I bring the minds of people back to the present moment. Were they are involved in more meaningful experiences and key aspects of in their life. My photography was sparked as an epiphany, separating myself from the stressful psychical realm that surrounded me. I've become more of a open minded and spiritual person.

I come from a background were I've been influenced by eastern cultural traditions. Born and raised in Canada my parents are from Jamaica and I grew up in Toronto. I actually do not come from an artistic background in visual art. I come from the linguistic art of the world. The reason I've become the photographer that I am today, is behind the revelation that these moments we have in life are fleeting. But at the same time they all have purpose. Being able to capture the image is my way of admiring the moment was real and had meaning.

The way I look at every image. I have a profound quote or emotion I leave for the viewer. This is left to force thought provoking activities. I like to give my viewers value in the idea of learning something new or seeing a different perspective. That can be in the form of a blog or through visuals. The subjects I work with have a piece of their personality in the image. The character of the person is hinted in the image as if you could hear them. In order for me to reach the standard of these images. I create a relationship with my subjects. If this is not established It will feel incomplete, therefore I strive to hold this standard.

I've made a visual to give you a better understanding of who I am.

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