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-Shojiro- City Blues shoot (breakdown)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

It was a Wednesday and me and Manikk and Luke went out to do some shooting. I called out a friend of mine Shojiro to be the model for the day. And this is my second time I had to go back and forth in Japanese/English I usually don't speak Japanese with a lot of people other than online but it was great exercise. After we met up and paperwork was done we set forth to a few areas I planed for the concept "City blues" It's all about subtly and mysteriousness in the city. Having Shojiro as a foreigner to the country sometimes you get a little home sick. In a big city you can feel a little insignificant.


Ryerson building

Dundas square (alleyway)


K&F Concept Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Portable Tripod 60 inch 3-Way Head

Andoer Viltrox Professional Ultra-thin LED Video Fill Light

Canon 80D

Sigma lens 17-50 mm


Had to have an ND filter on that day was really bright and I could stop down to f/3.5 in so it was very useful. There are some other pictures that I took that are at the level of being a "good picture" but what I was searching to achieve an emotion not too expressive but subtle. This thing I'm searching for is in between mystery and calm.

ISO: 200-400 Ideal but the highest I went was only 1000 at the bridge at the Eaton center.

Shutter: 1/50 I could have went a little more darker but I was very careful on movements.

Today's best one out of the batch I'd say this one.

Here's the retouch process

If you ever want to do a photo shoot feel free to book one :)

Thanks for reading!

#Photography #modeling #city #concept

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