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Decisions under stress

One of the things I've noticed going through this year is the level of stress that has been heightened. It's like a different world altogether, people can't find an outlet and because of not having that. A lot of bad decisions are being made under deep stress or duress. My mother was threatened she'd lose her job if she didn't go back to work. Even thou there were people who are in the same company didn't notify that they were Covid positive. With those people being careless among them. The fear my mother had catching the vile disease at her age. She was terrified of it, well it meant certain death at the time; just like to everyone else. Because my mother is of old age 60+ and the news that was made of people being at an old age or having underlining conditions. She was definitely afraid because she know's she has high blood pressure. And being of her age you'd naturally think you're a goner if you get it.

Things that were normal are now a distant memory. Like going to the movies is suppose to be a great experience with other people. Now because of the state of how things are it's just not gonna happen again.

Meeting people or finding someone to spend time with could be the end of you. Isn't that crazy? Just going on the bus can give you this disease. Not too long ago, a man on the bus with a fever was coughing profusely. The looks of fear of infection from the others on the bus were like it was something out of a sci-fi thriller. There are plenty of times I've had a bad cough and I've held it in even thou I've already been through covid. I'm very aware of the result of coughing around people. So as silly as it sounds I hold my breath and I wait until I have a moment to cough out of sight of people. Because those looks itself are a form of communication. Basically one look can mean "Why are you doing that?!" I walked passed a women on the street and she needed to cough but she was aware she was around others. I could see her trying to willfully force down the cough but she ended up coughing anyway.

And her body language said it all "I'm sorry" And I just laughed because in a way I was ok with it. But we're in a strange time were we don't know what's ok anymore. These decisions we make now are all based on our character as people. But with this stress in the air it's revealing a lot more than we thought.

The mask is breaking we need to be ourselves again.

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