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-Desiire- all about the shadows dundas shoot (breakdown)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Was pretty good weather Friday and I had some cool ideas with black and white again. This time met up with Desiire and shot around Dundas square. Most of the time on shoots it takes a while to get used to each other. It's always stiff in the beginning but it's like easing into a hot bath adjusting to the temperature. There's a location I like going to in Dundas square that has a scene where they shot suicide squad. I always go to that spot but this time. Traveled around through a tunnel and saw these interesting pipes. Used them to cast some cool shadows. All I used for this was a speed light with a soft box on it. With an ND filter on my 17-50mm Sigma lens using my Canon 80D. Was pretty bright out and I wanted to shoot on like f/2.8 or f/ 3.5 There were also some interesting parts of a building I'd shoot from below upwards because had a cool castle feel came out looking stoic.

Out of this shoot I'd say I like this image a lot.

It feels simple yet alluring. There was a Samsung logo behind him but I removed it because it felt too distracting and I cropped it just a smidge to line it up.

Also was dope talking with Desiire I personally like his style always has an interesting look. And obviously he's a wicked artists if ya didn't know. After I heard the song "Silver-lining I felt like he was channeling something spiritual there. That song stuck in my mind I was fortunate enough to hear the story behind that song. I think I'll always like working with artists always great conversation.

Here's a quick retouch of one of the photos.

Thanks for reading!

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