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"Fish hooking"

Fish hooking

The act of doing a favor for someone in "good will" but with an ulterior motive behind it putting the other person in a IOU situation.


I've been thinking quite a bit about society and how some people act just to be in good grace with someone. If you are doing a favor for someone and you really know they needed that help don't bring up the past like an IOU. You didn't genuinely help them then. If you really thinking of a come up off of something trivial when someone really needed help. Check your morals.

I've made this new term because I've been victim to fish hooking over something I didn't even want and someone wanted to use that very favor to get something more out of me. The reason I call it Fish Hooking is because of the sense of bait being placed on a hook waiting for prey to eat. Once taken in they yank that thing straight out of the water. Sometimes people don't even way the level of the IOU they are trying to create, from trivial things they came up with.

Anyways I'll leave that to your imagination watch out for fish hookers.

#cutthisshitout #fakehelp #expectationoverload

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