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How to sell your photography like a salesman and get new clients

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Rules of Selling

There are distinct rules of selling that I will be explaining. Which will have a huge impact on how you communicate with prospects and people in your network giving tremendous value. These rules should be used whenever you are selling a product or service. It will give clarity on how you should conduct yourself and bring desired results. Follow these rules by order when using them for complete accuracy.

1. Prospect and speak to the right people.

2. Build rapport and trust with people.

3. Ask questions and identify their needs accurately.

4. Make a presentation and show them your product.

5. Answer their objections.

6. Close the sale.

7. Get re-sales and referrals.

Discipline in sales

1. Pause​ and ​listen​ to what the prospect has said and take time to ​access​ what they said.

2. Question for ​clarification​ of what they really meant. Ex:​ ​How do you mean​?

3. Listening builds ​trust​. Listen​ intently​.

4. Always​ ask in ​specifics​. Ex: “Let me be sure what you’re actually saying”​

Become a doctor

1. Examine - Ask the need

2. Diagnosis - Identify the problem for them

3. Prescription - What is the recommendation/solution

When you perform this way you will have more ​authority​ and ​valued​ for being more thorough. Do not skip this process it spoils the relationship with the prospect.

Analyzing the prospects psychology

This is a way of understanding what mind set and have a quick understanding of a prospect. Just in the first few minutes of having a conversation with them to build rapport easily.

Moving towards strategy

The prospect speaks about gaining something.

Moving away strategy

The prospect talks about distancing themselves from things.

Never go against the tides of these thinking behaviors because you will lose rapport.

To figure out this pattern ask.

What do you look for in a job?

What kind of life do you want to live?

People are motivated by possibility or necessity. In a sales call or in person ask questions even when you get answers. Always try and get to the need.