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I don't think I need social media

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

I've been thinking about social media lately on how we consume content on a daily basis. How everything is either a video being pushed on to you on Facebook or Instagram. Actually on everywhere really. The weird dependency to always feel like you need to know if "xyz" checked your profile or how many likes you got on a post and meticulously. Looking at who saw what and thinking, what they might be thinking and judging yourself because. You think that they might have thought a certain way about you. When you really think about it, It's pretty nuts. Is this really important? Do we really need this? Sometimes I think yes because you can use social media to gain information on what someone likes. Who they would know and its like a super network of networks which is great. It can be an amazing tool. I think social media drains the thinking time for creativity thou. Steals the down time to actually sit down and think. People actually feel antsy in a line waiting to check out at the grocery store, if they didn't check their phone. Well one can argue that "well there's nothing else better to do" I am waiting in line right? Well there are people in the line as well. That we can talk to not saying you should or shouldn't but it's interesting. Instead of having human interaction we rather be on the phone. Where is social media really heading? Also the more and more I use social media the more I understand that privacy really isn't a thing anymore. Just to focus on my own projects. I've turned off all my notifications and alerts. If I don't do that it's like I'm losing something I was about to think of because I was interrupted by a sound. I don't think i'll be completely be off social media. Because I can still use it as a tool. But I must say I've become very aware of what takes my time. Because I know that's the one thing I can't get back.

Now if you're like me and don't like the Facebook news feed. But still need to promote your business etc. But the news feed is way too distracting follow these steps.

1. Make sure you have google chrome

2. search on google keywords kill news feed extension

3. Download the extension

4. Refresh your Facebook

And presto change'o the news feed is gone.

Thanks for reading.

#SocialMedia #Creativity #wasteoftime

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