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I need more people like me.

With social media turning into a microphone for what everyone is doing. One can reach more and more people more easier than ever before in the world, by just uploading something. Although There's a lot of noise with stuff that really does not matter (if you're seeking a particular interest). In this day and age we can really build a following on anything. But on what level do you want that to happen? Everyone can build a community of people just like them and enjoy being around like minded people. When I see myself on social media I really want to be with the absolute right group of people. I've recently have made a ton of changes to just narrow down what the things I really like are. I really don't permit anything else out of that sphere of influence. With that so far so good. I'm getting the right information I want and the right content I love to see.

But there's more.

I need to make my own following. Not just for my interests but for having people who really support what I'm capable of doing for their own interests. I have a deep fear of drawing too much attention to myself. I believe it came from YouTube to those I shared my stuff I had with. I shared them to the wrong people and because of that they could not understand it there was all types of backlash that happen. I've become a little bit older and having more skills and insight on how the world works. I've figured out the communities of people and what they really do want. It must be specific and it must excite the people who are apart of that community. If it is not exact to what they stand for and appreciate it will have no effect. if you don't communicate correctly the results won't arise.

It's such a simple formula but when there is so much information and options out their talking about "business" you get confused on choosing who is telling the real information. It really is information overload. But I feel and believe now I understand. I just need more people like me. I know what I like most to give my people a strong reason to support me.

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