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If you're winning you aren't learning.

We all want to win habitually. It makes us feel good people look up to winners as role models. But no one cares about a loser.

Even thou losing teaches you so much.

It humbles you.

It points out our flaws.

It makes things clearer.

But most people hate losing. Because of the emotional hit and grief we receive from our peers. If you are striving for something and you believe you might lose. It's best to keep this a secret from your peers. You might be able to control your emotions but the others around you can influence you into feeling terrible and it will effect you.

If anything should be kept a secret it is your toil to success. Recording and writing down your discoveries through failure is more important than winning. Don't listen to the overall opinion of what people expect of you. What you expect of yourself is way more important. But don't let the emotion of fear cloud your judgement.

There are many forms of ego created because of winning. Even with the idea of yourself changes when you believe you might win. If you let the feeling of achieving it block your sense of self you will forget who you really are.

It can even be people questioning the idea of you. There might not even be a negative opinion about you being suggested. But because you feel that there might be a bad opinion of you. It still is the same equivalent of losing. People will even lie to change the opinion of themselves because it feels like winning.

You can't stop people from judging you. But you can question what you are missing in order to win. That is what losing teaches you, but society has taught us to win with no analysis. While we just feel good getting the trophy.

You can't always win so don't fear it. You aren't any lesser than you were before. You just figured out where you stand in what you lost to.

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