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If you're wrong say you're wrong

Throughout my life I've dealt with a lot of people who never are willing to face their mistakes and bite the bullet.

You're wrong

Why is it so hard to admit that you are wrong? And why do so many people avoid the truth? It really sucks to be wrong because of the shame of not being right. Way back when in school having the wrong answer in the classroom was close to socially bombing your intelligence with your peers. The frequent scenario is raising your hand in class to answer the teachers question. And having the wrong response to that question. The person would be subdued by the shame of being incorrect. People who had their on type of fears would come out as well too. I think there is a lot of hope put into being right rather than being wrong. but in order to pass the class you better be right or you're stupid mate.

The real learning process is in trial and error. But if you are too heavy on the punishment of being wrong it has a huge blow on the persons ego. Which is really been joined by their identity. We need to have more respect for trial and error because if we never made a mistake we'd never learn anything new.

I've had many times people have told me something was a bad idea without them even having experienced it themselves. I've voluntarily have been in the wrong just to learn what was really right. I think if you don't prepare yourself to be wrong you really are a slave to your feelings to what you want right.

Your perception is very important.

What you think is right could be wrong. One must actively keep searching what is truly factually right. It can't be based by feelings or on a whim because it's well not necessarily right is it? Maybe in your mind but not on earth.

Back and forth I've dealt and met with people who want to feel right rather than actually being right. That and changing their reality they see to suit them to feel right even among their own group. It really is up to you to feel the pain of reality if you don't. Aren't you just trying to make yourself feel better?

Their are a lot of different cultures I've studied thoroughly and I've seen people. Who would rather lie to protect their image then solve the problem in front of them.

in my final thoughts I believe we all need to just bite the bullet and accept when were actually wrong. Also leave the very notion that we could be wrong for speculation. This will stretch our range of awareness and will become better people for it. After you remove the aspect of you being wrong off the table and admit to your faults. The other person reacts based on their character. Good or bad you did the right thing which puts you in a better place in a argument. Because you understand that even yourself can be wrong too.

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