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JLPT Taisaku 2# によって/Ni yotte

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ni yotte によって


according to; by (means of); due to; because of​


ワインにはいろいろなタイプがあり、それによって 育成の 仕方もさまざまです。 There are various types of wines and the way they are matured varies accordingly.


When warm, light, air crosses mountains it rises into the upper atmosphere and does not fall back to the ground. In this, and other, ways wind changes with the terrain.


When you swallow a dangerous substance, what you need to do depends on what you swallowed.

Also close but similar can also mean depending on. ”により



It depends on his confidence.

And with just より alone it can me "more" than another.



I like USA more than Canada

These sentence examples have come from

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