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JLPT Taisaku 85#ようでは

Updated: Aug 16, 2020



if; if it is true that; if it is the case that



If (it is true that) you look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary every time you encounter a new one, you will never learn to read fast.


If (it is true that) apartments in Tokyo are that expensive, we cannot live there.


If you continue to show the level of performance you have to date, we will have a problem. (lit., If your performance is like what you have exhibited up to now, it's a problem)

I put all the examples along with the meaning into flashcards to study just in case you forget. (I suggest downloading the app version for brainscape) With this you can even study on your phone!

Feel free to use this flash card deck I update regularly.

This grammar is really for intermediate-advanced learners. If you are looking to know where to start in Japanese and building a good foundation check out this blog post it.

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