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@karysecoley Shinjuku nights

This is my second shoot in Tokyo but this time. I met up with a pretty cool person from the UK in Shibuya. She had a really interesting look so I approached and gave her my card. Since then I had a lot of adventures with some people to be honest I randomly met. But I started to realize it's not quite random. People who are in the same mindset of you will show up. Sometimes you just have to be ready to accept that they exist.

So that's just what happened. Walking through Shinjuku I knew were a lot of bright interesting lights so here's the set up I used.

Canon 80D

Black Pro mist filter 1/4

Universal Soft Mini Flash Bounce Diffuser Cap

NEEWER NW680/TT680 Speedlite Flash E TTL

Sigma 17-50mm

F/2.8 - F/4.0

500 ISO/ 200

1/50s 1/25s

Overall was a good day I got to go back to my new favorite place to eat after shooting. It's called Tsukadou Noujou and I recommend Chicken Nanban.

Ps "order without the sauce"

*I'm actually not done with this set so stay tuned for new entries*

#Tokyo #Life #Photography

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