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-Kono- "noir drip" shoot (breakdown)

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Went out to watch the new movie Us downtown with a friend and after that headed down. To the usual spot to meet some old friends and celebrate a birthday. Came out with my gear in the means of doing a shoot because well. It's finally getting a lot more warmer now in Toronto and a I got new concepts and styles I want to try out, with a standard set up of mine. The tittle of this is an inside joke from Instagram that carried on through the night from one of my recent post's on calling it "Noir" in the tags because I put it in black and white. Anyway the joke turned into doing an actual quick shoot because well I had the gear with me at the time. And person throwing SMOKE was there lol.

I used a Viltrox light I recently bought online and used it for fill. Then put on a speed-lite for flash and shot around. f/10 ISO 200 with a 17-50mm sigma lens on my Canon 80D. Didn't quite come up with a huge concept but I was thinking of kind of an old album cover look.

There are two of these photo's that I actually really like a lot and I've been practicing black and white for a bit using the curve tool. Did it quite a few times until I got this hard dark look. The other one I did previously that I posted on my Instagram. I was going for an old kind of 50's feel smoothed out a bit.

I was going to add a filter with grain but I don't really think it would have gave it anymore depth to it and I really didn't want to make it look cheap.

Here's a quick speed edit to see the process.

Thanks for reading!

#Photography #breakdown #spring #Noir #Flex

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