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Myva photography -Art store-

I have now opened up my art store to sell as prints in the format of poster, canvas, and by frame.

Each one of the images I've selected all have a very deep meaning of symbolism to them. I've named them appropriately for others to use their imagination to see the story behind the image. My mission is for others to find the emotion behind the image. If the viewer can feel and come up with the story behind the models portrayed in the image. I'd like to guide them to what it really meant. I believe that can't be made in words therefore I need to display it.

There are subtleties that are very apparent in each image conveying a meaning. I want the viewer to find that and completely understand.

I have added a few words to direct what basis it came from but not "on the nose" I've also limited these sets to only for 2019.

In our digital age we've forgotten how to appreciate the physical art and I'd like to bring us back to our senses.

Thank you.

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