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Myva Portrait information guide

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

For events and special projects

Please let me know your budget and we can start from there. For those who want photo's for social media etc. The standard rate is 130$ for 1 hr 1 outfit 1 location.

Planned shoot Package options

$300 15 digitally edited photos

2 outfits 1 location

$500 25 digitally edited photos

3 outfits 1 location

This package is a more planned and detailed with benefits to promotion and advertisement.

The amount is also the license value for the rights to the images.

Note about Locations

If you don't have a clear idea of what location would be best suited for your shoot I will have a few recommended locations to help you make your decision. Along with a planned concept/mood board made for the event will be sent to you as a PDF via email. If you have a certain personal aim or use for the photo's. Tell me your ideas and I will put them into consideration.

Travel Fee:

Depending on the distance of travel there will be a fee. For example if it is traveling out of town the fee should be around $40 - $60

Time frame should be around 2 hrs. I shoot very quickly since everything has been decided already. Good news is, it's usually done earlier than this time.

How will I receive the files?

You will receive your files within 2 weeks of your session. You will receive your files via Wetransfer, Which is an easy free email service. You can then send them to print, forward to your friends or family, and post online.

Download links expire after a few days, so be sure to download your images ASAP! make sure to save and back up your images. I remove my client files every few months and cannot guarantee that I will back up the images for you.

Do I get to select the images?

My job as your photographer is to select and choose the best photographs that represent you. The images I do not deliver are either repeats, blurry photos, shots of you distracted or you speaking half way through a sentence. I don't have a reason to withhold any images if they are images I believe you would want to have.

Booking your session

There will be a requirement on all packages 50% of the amount is non-refundable. This is meant to secure your session date and time. There are 2 options of payment Paypal which has a tax added to transfers or a standard wire transfer through email.



Payments can also be made on square.

What if I need to cancel / The weather is terrible?

If the weather is terrible or I'm incapable of performing. You can reschedule your session or you can have a refund. However if you need to cancel or don't show up to a session the deposit will not be refunded.

The purpose and reason of the deposit is to lock in your date + time

If you cancel last minute, I could have booked someone else during that time period.

I do not date or write down anything on my calendar until the deposit has been paid.

The remainder of your session and travel fee is due immediately following your shoot before we both depart.

A gallery of my work

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Click here to see full gallery.

Location ideas

This section is a gallery of locations I recommend. That will give you a better idea of great locations to shoot in the city.

Canada, Toronto

Allan Gardens Conservatory

College and Yonge area

Dundas square

Chinatown, spadina

Japan Tokyo




Not much more to talk about knowing all the details.

Now it's time to shoot!

Click here for contact information!

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