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Next Level Program

The Next Level Program is 6 months of content on a subscription basis.

(Promo videos and photos for a full month of social media coverage.)

$2000 the 1st month and $1000 the following.

imagine, create, live.

We stand for this. We work to allow artists to imagine the reality were they can thrive, while living out their careers on a global scale. Not as a minor hobby, not as a phase. We create that reality in which their career is their number one source of income. We align their lifestyle with that of true recognition.

Artists deserve authority and demand in their market.

In the Next Level Program we provide.

-Market Research -Brand Consulting - Pre-treatments - VFX -Photography -Cinematography

And connections to varies news outlets in the city.

30 Edited digital Photos + Two 30 Sec promo clips each month for 6 months straight!

We are a team that want's you to succeed.

See full testimonials

Also check out my Co-Founder and Cinematographer on this project.



To find out how to be an artist in demand in your market email.

We can't do this for everyone.

What will it take for you to take it to The Next Level?

Join other artists working together.

Next Level Facebook Group

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