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So what's the intention?

One of the big question I like to ask myself in photography is this one phrase. Because whatever I'm doing and how I seen it from my perspective is the vision. I have to discover what was the intention of the image? I've been more crucial with my photography lately and I'm taking a new route in making things more clear. More powerful, more emotionally charged, more significant. What I do needs to be clear and communicated. I think everyone reaches to this point were they want to have their work communicated properly. If your work can start a conversation or make someone feel something tangible, I believe that is fine art. I started to look into my own life and pick and choose images. That I could tell a story with. I've done tons of research and looked up references etc. I'm forming this setting of things I like and standards that need to be met. Everyday it gets easier picking and choosing what I'd like to do, that gives me energy.

I think everyone should ask themselves this question to gain more clarity on what they really want to do.

Thanks for reading!

#photography #intention #standards

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