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Social media and Photography

I got to admit I really do hate social media but it's true that it brings in the attention. I've been doing photography since 2016. I have a lot of great photo's I'm proud of but I don't have a lot of followers. Now why is that? do my photo's just suck? Do I not put out enough content? I think it's a completely different thing entirely.

You don't know me. I'm on this platform spewing out content but you don't even know who I am. I show the highlights of my life and most of you are just passing by anyway. How can you invest into someone not willing to even talk about who they really are?

I'm in introvert I really don't like attention and I'd rather have a tiny circle of quality of friends over a quantity of friends. Sometimes I really do feel that I have to become something I really am not to gain momentum in my photography. The idea of going to social events and wondering if I'll meet someone that will help my business rather than just listening and enjoying other people is a big problem.

Everyone has an ulterior motive, everybody wants something. Well I'm going to tell you my reality. I want to make stuff that other people will appreciate and see the value in, and starting from today. Anybody ready to actually care about what I do I'd like to finally take the time and effort to tell my story let you know who I really am.

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