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Sometimes it's hard to find that moment

Sometimes its gonna be hard to find something to inspire yourself to get out and do some photography. But think long term in gaining more experience. This is more valuable than thinking theories or watching YouTube vids online. The more you shoot the more you'll get used to your camera the more you'll understand and build your own unique style that separates you from the rest. I think we have a lot of information to digest in this world now more than ever. But we are losing touch with actually, going out and experiencing things first hand. I'm very introverted but I understand that I need to go out and experience new concepts and have "happy accident's" in the sense that I didn't think something like "this or that" could have been done. We need to take time for seeing things from a different perspective. This can go into the argument "there's nothing interesting to shoot where I live" We as artists or "visual image manipulators" I believe are responsible of seeing things differently then the average person. I used to think this way a lot actually, I feel like I still do think this way sometimes. Just not as much, but the more I look into other peoples art and go out and just try shooting something different or from another angle or different perspective. I brake that 1 dimension that I was thinking in and see a lot more I can work with.

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