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The biggest mistakes I've ever made starting photography

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

In this post I'm going to talk about every mistake I've ever made starting in photography. Stuff I wish I've never done stuff I should have just asked but didn't because of pride.

1. Not shooting in RAW

When I started shooting I didn't understand which modes to shoot on and was thinking I was doing alright shooting on Jpeg. I didn't really edit anyways because, well I didn't know how to edit either. I'd just use the Instagram filters and hope for the best. But even with that I still got some images that I actually don't understand how I made. Which is pretty funny when I look back. I had happy accidents and straight up "I'm delusional for thinking this was good" moments.

Here's that image by the way.

2. Raising the ISO for more light

Alright so in some cases raising the ISO would be a good idea but raising it. Just to see rather than using my head and just shooting in the light or using flash. We're the dumbest situations I've put myself in. The more you raise your ISO the worst the image will potentially become. Because you are generating artificial light in the camera in hopes to see. The less ISO the better, the highest you should even have your ISO should be up to 800 MAX no further! Use your head and figure out how to get more light.

3. DMing people instead of emailing

Now I see nothing really wrong with this if you have a good relationship with a model you work with. But overall DMing someone as a means of a business transaction is not smart. And I'm saying this because I've been there with some bad experiences to boot! The reason I have a problem with DMing people or to contact people to have a shoot on DM. Because of one features on Instagram. Among other things like not being able to have a copy of a message you sent to someone. In Instagram you can delete your messages. Which means the person you DM can do the same. meaning when someone said something they were going to be accountable for they no longer can be. They can delete what they said because they don't want to be accountable for what they said. This is a big problem and you should not do any business on Instagram or have any sensitive plans made through DM. They should be done on email. If the person you go back and forth with in the DM's has a problem with taking the conversation to email to make things concrete. They weren't serious with working with you in the first place.

4. Not having a contract made or terms of agreement.

Now this is a problem because even if you're doing TFP you need to have some form of contract. The reason because of this is because if you ever want to use the great image you created with that amazing model. The picture you took of just might happen does not want that to be public or used in your portfolio. They could sue you,does not matter what has been said in person neither. Big problem, so always have a contract. People change their minds so quickly nowadays from what they felt they wanted or "said" they wanted. But actually they were lying. You and I do not have time for someone randomly to go back on their words and cause issues over one picture taken. Have the terms on contract were you both agree on. This isn't high school no pinky promises.

5. Consuming rather than creating

I've seen the errors of my ways and I've learned to stop thinking about a lot of things and just do it. I've watched tons of YouTube tutorials and consumed Instagram post after Instagram post. Rather than just making or daring myself to try new concepts. Now looking at Instagram and getting inspiration is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about becoming a fan of someones work and not making more creative work of your own. I know sounds weird but I put a big cap on my creativity because of it. Also you should be creating a balance between actually buying books. On your craft and investing into things, that are essential to your grow. Then taking the time to implement what you learned this is the right way. YouTube is a great place for information but. There is also a great amount of misinformation as well. If you are going to invest in your craft don't go off "maybe" information.

6. Shooting in SRGB

Just shoot in RGB change your setting in your camera to RGB because you get the full range of colors. If you leave SRGB on you just lose an amount. If you are going to upload to Instagram anyway still go with RGB. because Instagram will automatically convert it to SRGB anyway. Also if you are going to do prints you should have it in RGB because like I said before full range of colors. This is not a big mistake really unless you are doing prints but I thought I'd mention it.

Well that's everything I've grown a lot and still am improving.

Thanks for reading

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