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The road to code

I'm making this blog just to document some of my journey into coding. It's been a very interesting start I was never into coding before... well at least I thought I didn't. I remember playing a game called Mugen way back when I was in middles school. When you had a new character that was made by someone on the net it was an event. Usually it I would be interested into some anime character that I was currently watching before. The thing about it was if something was not working with that character you downloaded you'd have to get into the code and change how the character interacted with the game. I thought it really was just fixing the character so I could just get back to playing the array of characters that would come in the Mugen game. I started learning code 2 weeks ago because I thought it would be a great change in career paths. I know learning code and being in the field of programming you can achieve a great living. My first intention was really to just earn more but. Like I said before my first encounter with code was really just playing bootleg games that were created online. Right now I'm doing one of the free courses online Khan Academy, I'm learning JavaScript and my goal is to do web development. I really want to do game development in the future because I REALLY like video games. I mean I've been playing video games for like forever. If I was making income making video games I think that would be super cool. But in the meantime to increase my income and get my foot in the door I'm focusing on Web development. The bar to entry isn't that big also because I'm still learning JavaScript I still can branch out and learn other programs that are in the game space in the future. I believe JavaScript can make online games and mobile games. Eventually I want to study C# which I did some research and realized this is a good language to start with getting into making video games.

My game plan really is to get into a field where I can work anywhere in the world. With my background in learning languages and also. After all these years translating Japanese I think having the end goal in becoming a game dev would be beyond my wildest dreams. Because most of the games that I'm interested into are in Japanese or they been imported from Japan. I think we can all agree that Japan is doing something right when it comes to making video games, that are super popular. Now eventually I plan on doing a vlog type of channel just me talking into a camera about my experience dealing with coding, so far it's not super hard it's just really about remembering the syntax. I have a plan to finish the overview and then to a heavy review making flash cards. The road blocks that has halted me a few times was some math like fractions in drawing in JavaScript. I believe if I brushed up on some math a bit it should not be that much of an issue though. I also am starting to understand some programming jokes I glossed over in the past.

I really think after I drill myself a second time in JavaScript It will solidify a lot better in my mind. The sections I have left are 3 subjects on Khan Academy right now I'm learning Arrays in JavaScript. Realistically I study one section a day and watch a lot of videos about coding and about the most efficient way to become a web developer videos.

Well... guys when I have any new stuff to add. Look out for a video or a blog.

Thanks for reading.

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