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The road to code: Html/CSS and a grant that does not exist.

I've gone over a lot and I'm quite proud of myself. I don't think I can make anything of substance still but I'm starting to build a lot of interesting ideas. I think before I got into studying html I was really stuck on objects in JavaScript but I think I was being too hard on myself. I thought I could just memorize the entire syntax by just looking it over and over again. I'm now understanding it's ok just to check the documentation.

I started getting into downloading tools on how to practice using the stuff I've finally learned. I downloaded Visual code studio and I'm very impressed with the interface. It is actually super easy to use. It fills in the blanks on what it thinks you are going to do. Which I think is pretty cool in my books. There is a dedicated YouTube channel on how to use the program. There's tons of different extensions you can download as well. A few days ago I joined a seminar online about Python. I have no desire to use Python but I now understand why people like it so much and why employers want experts who understand it. Uoft held the seminar I believe they have a boot camp starting this January coming. I was interested in joining but don't really have the finances to consider it at the moment. There was a grant that I thought that existed which actually does not. it was a grant that the government was giving to people who want to start another career which I was so interested into applying for. Unfortunately not one single person has ever used that grant. It was very strange figuring out that it was a hoax. I looked into a lot of different institutions and asked tons of questions about the grant. The requirement to take the grant was if you were laid off by the pandemic. That or if you were on EI. I was a perfect candidate for the grant because I got laid off. I tried speaking with trio's, Uoft, and York U apparently I need to have a acceptance letter to join the program to except the grant. Which was very simple they send me the letter I tell the people giving the grant about the institution I'm signing up for and that's that. Wrong and I was just as confused as anyone else. It was a scheme they wanted me to go into OSAP in order to join their program.

Which really didn't make any sense because I already had this grant that is over 28k to pay for that course and then some. Their game was really just to make the parameters to getting this grant impossible but look good to the public. The more I did my research the more I understood that no one has ever successfully gained this grant. That and there were even more people that needed it more than I did. It would make sense for them to make it easy for these people to receive the grant. But they don't which to this day will always puzzle me.

Anyways in the meantime I will be completing the courses on Khan academy then moving to free coding sites until I feel confident to start a project on my own. My impression for html and CSS is just it's styling the code isn't that hard to remember and I think the only real differences I'm seeing from html/CSS is the method of changing stuff. in JavaScript to change the color of something you'd do fill (0,0 ,0, 0) of background (0,0,0,0) with CSS its <h2> { color: rgb(255, 0, 0); }

depending on how you want to design your project I'm guessing it's just different options to choose from.

When I start understanding more I think I'll use this place to solidify what I've learned more.

Thanks for reading.

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