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The road to code: Remembering it all

On my journey through learning code I have a plan on doing an overview of the material I've studied on Khan academy then I'll start making my notes. I'll turn those notes into flash cards. I've excelled a lot from having the discipline doing flash cards daily. I think the big part of learning code really is getting the foundation down right because it really does begin to get very complicated the deeper you go. The simple stuff usually sticks but I had a final test called "designed objects" which was really difficult I would say I had to go over that material several times. It was even confusing for the person explaining it in the YouTube video I was was watching. The great thing about getting into code there are tons of people who are willing to solve a problem together on the net. I've joined a discord group that does programming as well. I haven't really started to talk with them but after I start doing my on projects I will eventually start asking how to solve problems. After I get the basics done from doing a relentless review of JavaScript I will learn some html and slowly do CSS. My aim is to become a Web developer in the future so I'm really taking my time to get the foundation right. once I complete the Khan academy stuff I'll go online and do some paid courses or do some online training projects.

There is a site called code wars that does just this and I look forward to becoming the programmer that will use that site to test myself thoroughly. I think after having my brain see the same syntax and line over and over again through flashcards, I'll finally start to link stuff together. I have a lot of doubt still when writing code. I look up stuff super often because of that doubt I believe once I nail down the basics. I'll do this automatically and not 2nd guess myself on writing code.

Another thing I'd like to add from studying code and searching YouTube about web development etc. Their are people online that professionally say nothing of substance just for views. I watched one guy with a catchy title about what you should expect from doing a coding boot camp. The only thing he would keep emphasizing was oh have previous experience in coding before jumping into this because you will get lost. Noted understood, but he would never moved on from that point. Before I knew it the video hit the 11 minute mark and he's wrapping up his thoughts on the topic. He literally said nothing useful other than conveying his emotions on how difficult it is. Nothing about what was covered in his course nothing about how he took notes. Nothing about nothing, it was real sad. A lot of the videos I've seen online would start on a really touching story about why they got into coding but would say nothing about code or where or what I should look out for.

There are also self proclaimed people who are already riding the title of software engineer doing a day and life etc. video. They also say nothing of substance which is ridiculous. Fortunately I've found some channels that are actually teaching learning techniques for code and where you should start or choose if you are pursuing a path. I've also watch channels talking about the daunting interview questions you should be ready to answer when you apply for a job. But realistically I think if I'm in a interview it should be straight forward on what the companies main problem and why they are hiring me to tackle this problem. If I'm serious about the job I should know what I'm doing in the first place with these questions. Because first of all to even get a job. I have to build a portfolio and explain how this thing works. If the interviewer knows enough about any programming that whole process of knowing if I'm legit shouldn't take long.

Well other than my brief rant I'm clearly committed in trying my best to understand and make use of JavaScript. I think eventually when I land the first job I will definitely focus on languages that can help me make a video game. Even just a basic one. If you are serious about learning avoid titles of videos promoting haste and fear. Its realistically going to take a long time to master this stuff to get a job etc. so enjoy the process and try and solve real problems with what you already know.

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