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Tribal beauty (BTS) Black history month

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

I started doing more planned concepts. This one came to me in a dream for black history month black and white with a lotus marking on the forehead with a black model in African clothing. Some use of depth of field shooting maybe at 2.8 on my canon 80d. But actually what happen is. It looked better in color, I forgot to bring the paint kit for the marking of the lotus. For some reason I had my ND filter at the shoot but didn't use it. Because what I had already looked good. Sometimes shoots don't go as planned even when you made a treatment prior to it happening. You think it will go your way but sometimes it just wont. I learned a lot in just trying a new concept planning a little more an detail and also giving a great experience to the model. and with the others working with me. It didn't just feel good doing it, it felt right. This is what I love doing!

Shot with a sigma 17-50mm 2.8 and a 85mm rokinon 1.4


2 Paul buff Einstein 640 watt

1 12 X 55 Strip box

1 47"Octabox


On a simple black backdrop

Thanks for reading!

#Blackhistorymonth #Photosession #African

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