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Useful Essentials for every photographer

This is a straight forward guide to everything you will need to operate as a photographer based off of my experiences. This guide will include references to links and other recommended tools.

1. Having a editing program for RAW files

There's a good amount of editing programs for photography and I'm going to name a few you can download right now and start editing.


This program can do relatively the same amount of work equivalent to light room, but it's free! I believe if your starting out in photography and unsure on making the decision of getting adobe creative cloud. I think maybe you should try some free programs like Rawtherapee.

Rawtherapee tutorial

Rawtherapee download

Another useful editing software for photography other than Photoshop or light room is Vsco

primarily used to edit within your phone. Although has a lot of useful effects you can use on your images.

2. Having a color calibrator

I can not stress enough to get a color calibrator for your monitor for editing after I've used one I could see why there are differences from how you see your image on your computer. From your phone or any other display people will see your image. When you have a color calibrator for your monitor your colors displayed after calibrating will be accurate to what you are actually seeing on your monitor. A well known calibrator that you should consider getting is a Spyder5 pro there are other versions of this calibrator but it is really up to you to decide which one is best for your budget. There are 3 color gamut the calibrator will compare your monitor with. sRGB, Adobe RGB and NTSC. it will weigh them out by a % of how much your monitor can actually see. After you've finished your calibration you will definitely see a dramatic difference.

How to calibrate your monitor

3. 85mm 35mm and 50mm

For anyone starting out photography the best lens to start off with is a 50mm the cheapest lens that does very well is the famous nifty fifty. An 85 from my experience is very good vocal point for portraits. 35mm is also around a good range to do photo's with people.

4. Contracts

You need to have a grip on having a solid contract when dealing with clients. Not just to protect you legally but to not leave any room for confusion.

Some sites you can use to arrange your contract

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